Have you…Ever seen a banana slug?  Touched a sea anemone?  Eaten a Douglas Fir needle?  Gone hiking at night?  Spent time and connected with your students outside the classroom?
Want to…Encourage hands-on exploration and critical thinking?  Awe and inspire your students?  Help them discover more about the natural world and their place in it?   See your shy student take charge of a group?  Promote a sense of responsibility for the environment and all living things?  Have a lot of fun?
The San Joaquin Outdoor School is a place where all of these things (and many more!) can happen!
We serve more than 4,000 students each year and have been operating since 1957.

Our Goal

At Outdoor School, students have the opportunity to explore the coastal Redwood habitat and the seashore environment, learning through experience while hiking, playing educational games and exploring. It is our hope that through their experience, students will develop a broader awareness of the world around them, understand the relationship between human beings and the natural world, and become interested in taking some personal responsibility for the environment in which we all live.  As a five day residential program, Outdoor School is a place where students are challenged personally and pushed to expand their social skills by interacting and living with new people, working cooperatively with one another, and taking on a variety of leadership roles.


Our program is fully certified by the California Outdoor School Administrators, and has received Commendations of Excellence from the State Superintendent of Public Instruction.  Each of the staff holds advanced education degrees, many specializing in biology, environmental science and education.  With lesson plans based on grade level CA state standards, our program can help reinforce and illustrate themes learned in the classroom, while providing students with an opportunity to meet new people and engage all of their senses.

We’re excited about your interest in our program, and invite you explore this website and contact our staff to answer any questions you might have.  

"Kids should go to Outdoor School because it gives them a chance to learn so much about the outdoors!  I saw two Pacific Giant Salamanders, which are an endangered species.  Science camp is a lot of fun!"
    -Gregorio, grade 6, Presentation School