Bringing Science Camp Home With You

There are many ways you can continue what your child learned while at science camp after they go home.  Explore these sections to learn more!

    Experiencing Nature at Home
    Science Camp Songs
    Writing to your Naturalist


Experiencing Nature at Home

You don’t have to go far to experience the natural world! There are lots of opportunities to explore right here in San Joaquin County.

Oak Grove Regional Park and Nature Center offers public walking trails, a 10-acre lake, plus educational programs and exhibits about the plants and animals of San Joaquin County.

  San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary offers a free monthly Wildlife Walk, and the sanctuary is open every day from dawn until dusk for public access.

Stockton Astronomical Society offers free public “Sky Tours” once a month. Weather permitting, viewers are able to observe craters on the Moon, any bright planets that are in the evening sky, nebulae, and possibly another galaxy or two!

For even more night sky exploration, check out San Joaquin Delta College Planetarium. Public shows are offered once a month on Friday and Saturday nights at 7:30pm. The cost is $8 for adults and $6 for children, seniors, and students.


Science Camp Songs

Can’t stop singing campfire songs? Here are the lyrics to some of our favorites:


Banana Slug! (Banana-nana-nana!)
Banana Slug! (Banana-nana-nana!)
Banana Slug! (Banana-nana-nana!)       
Banana Slug!

He’s got just one foot
He ain’t got no toes
He hangs out in the forest  
And helps it decompose  (Break it down!)

On the side of her head
She’s got a breathing hole
She’s only got one foot
But she’s got plenty of soul (like James Brown!)

Well some folks say that she’s gross
But I won’t hear that jive
Cause if it were not for my baby
The forest might not survive (Keep it alive!)

Banana slugs have tentacles
They ain’t got no bones
They communicate with chemicals
Instead of cell phones (Can you hear me now?)

You know I love my baby
But he don’t love me
That’s because he’s a hermaphrodite
That means he’s also a she! (Well I’ll be!)

Sticky as peanut butter
Shade of yellow
Looks like banana
But oh so mellow (Mellow yellow!)

Well shake it up baby
Twist and slime
Come on banana slug
You know you slime so fine (Last time!)


The FBI, whenever something dies,
The FBI, is there on the scene
The FBI, is working overtime
The FBI, to pick those bones clean
Well that’s Fungus! (fungus), bacteria!. (bacteria),
Invertebrates!. (invertebrates), the FBI

There’s fungus all among us and it’s breaking things down   
Returning nutrients into the fertile ground
Millions of mycelium underground that’s why
When you hold a handful of the earth you hold the FBI
There are billions of bacteria in that soil over there
Microscopic life is in the water, land, and air
You should know that they are there though they are too small for your eye
These are the secret agents of the FBI

Insects, bugs, slugs, and worms are working night and day
The invertebrate crew are special agents of decay
To remove whatever’s rotten they will hop, crawl, hide or fly
Enforcing nature’s laws they are the FBI

Lay down very still in the duff and learn their ways
Lift up a rotten log and you will surely be amazed
Go creeping through the forest learn to see and be a spy
In search of evidence of the FBI


In the compost pile, it’s a party for new soil
In the compost pile,  new dirt is what we make
In the compost pile, come and join our celebration
In the compost pile, making compost cake
(Cookin’ up a batch of that compost cake)
 Group 1: Layer it & layer it & layer it & layer it & layer it & layer it, compost cake!
Group 2: Turn it & turn it & turn it & turn it & turn it & turn it, compost cake!
Group 3: Pile it high, pile it high, pile it high, compost cake!
Layer it and layer it with straw or leaves
And that leftover salad that we didn’t eat
Microscopic life turns on the heat to bake it
It’s a compost cake, that’s what it takes to make it

Turn it and turn it, let the air flow through it
The beetles, bugs, and worms will chew to renew it
Whatever is here will never ever stay the same
Because decomposition is the name of the game
Pile it and pile it with more and more
To heat it up for sure we add some manure
This luscious steaming stack of organic decay
Whatever you’ve got we’ll watch it rot away


Writing to your Naturalist

All the staff members here at Science Camp love to receive letters and postcards from their students! You can reach them at this address:

Your Naturalist (Nature Name or Real Name)  
11,000 Pescadero Road
La Honda, CA 94020