Hello and Welcome parents, friends, and families of prospective and current Outdoor School students!

We are thrilled and excited to host your student for a week at camp, and hope this section can answer many of the questions you may have about your child’s week at science camp and how to prepare for it.  We encourage you to peruse our website, check in with your child's classroom teacher or school, and please feel free to contact our office with any further questions or concerns.  We look forward to meeting and working with your student!

As a participant in our program, your student will have a fantastic opportunity to learn and play in ways that aren't possible in the traditional classroom setting.  At Outdoor School, students have the chance to explore the coastal Redwood habitat and the seashore environment, learning through experience while hiking, playing educational games and exploring.  Through their experience, students should develop a broader awareness of the world around them, begin to understand the role of human beings in the natural world, and become interested in taking some personal responsibility for their environment and its conservation.  The residential aspect of the program challenges students personally and pushes them to expand their social skills by interacting and living with new people, working cooperatively and taking on a variety of leadership roles.  Because our program is offered for fifth and sixth graders only, the week your child attends camp will be truly unique and is often a life-changing experience.   

Student Thoughts

"Outdoor School is sooooo fun.  The food is awesome, you make tons of new friends.  My favorite part was the tide pools.  It is like a whole new world in the tide pools.  I also loved the night hike.  You also get to have a cabin leader who will be awesome.  You will have a naturalist who will teach you tons of stuff and play games."                  
               - Sarah, grade 6th, St. Anthony's School.

"Outdoor School is a great way to meet new people and learn new things.  Kids should come to Science Camp because it is a great, fun way to interact with other people and other animals.  They would also learn to conserve water and take shorter showers.  I really liked the beach, especially the tide pools.  I also loved the night hike."                   
Megan, St. Luke's School.  

"Kids should come to Outdoor School because you get to learn about nature and how to take care of our planet."
                  - Julie, St. Luke's School.