Cabin Leaders

"My favorite part of science camp is getting to know people.  Just the appearance of someone doesn't tell you everything about them. You will also share a great bond with your cabin group.  It's the experience of a lifetime."
          - Bryson, Grade 6, St. Anne's School

"I have learned the unsurpassable reward of taking care of children."
          - Andy, Cabin Leader, St. Mary's

Cabin leaders play a crucial role in our program. For the entire week, not only are they are responsible for the safety and well-being of a cabin group, but they also supervise shower and mealtimes, work with their group to create, rehearse and perform a skit and assist Naturalists on trail.

So, You Want To Be A Cabin Leader?
Great! Positive, responsible cabin leaders are critical to the success of our program; they help the fifth and sixth grade students feel happy and secure! We ask a lot of you as a cabin leader -- you're with the students 22 hours a day! The job is challenging but very rewarding. Please read the following information, and if you still feel it's an opportunity you would enjoy, talk to you high school's Outdoor School recruiter.

What’s My Role as a Cabin Leader?
You, as a cabin leader, are a vital part of our program. The Outdoor School could not operate without you! Your job is to help the staff accomplish our teaching goals and help create and maintain a pleasant, safe atmosphere in the cabin and on trail. At the beginning of the week you will be assigned a cabin group of between seven and thirteen students -- this is the group you will be in charge of (at times) independently supervising. Your cabin will be paired up with a cabin of the opposite sex which, together with your naturalist, forms a trail group. This is the group with whom you will do all your activities throughout the week.

Sounds Great, But What Exactly Do I Do?
Your main responsibility as a cabin leader is supervision during cabin time. As a part of our Outdoor School leadership team, you are responsible for ensuring that the goals of the Outdoor School are supported in the cabin environment. You will need to make sure your students are prepared for hikes and get where they need to be on time.  Ultimately, it’s your job to make sure your students have a positive week. Half the fun of being a cabin leader is meeting your students, making great connections with them and helping them work through problems. Sometimes the problems are bigger than you can handle-- that's okay! The naturalists, office staff and classroom teachers are all here to support you. Don't be afraid, help is always readily available. We want you to have a great week too.

So, I Better Love Kids! 
You are in the enviable position of being closest to the students. Therefore, the influence you have with these children is profound! This, of course, requires you to be exceptionally stable and mature. You must--at all times-- exercise good judgement, treat the students respectfully and fairly, and in general provide the kind of positive influence that will make every parent grateful! The most critical part of the job is being caring, confident and assertive-- a substitute parent, teacher and older sibling rolled into one. In summary, if you enjoy young people, if you can place the welfare of the students above all else, and if you understand what a good role model is-- you will make an excellent cabin leader!