Teacher Role/Responsibilities

Teachers play an integral role while here at Outdoor School.  In addition to a few basic duties (listed below) each day, teachers contribute significantly by maintaining a safe and positive learning atmosphere as students transition from the indoor to outdoor classroom.  Teachers' familiarity with their students, families and schools positions you as a liaison and important component of our administrative staff.  Seeing your familiar face is reassuring to a homesick student out of their normal comfort zone, and the knowledge that classroom teachers are around helps keep students mindful and on their best behavior.  We welcome teachers to aid our staff in communicating with parents and schools throughout the week, and encourage you to help enforce our discipline policies.

Daily Tasks

During their week at Outdoor School, we ask that teachers fulfill a number of duties including supervising recess, facilitating "Teacher Time", completing daily cabin checks, accompanying Naturalists and students on their Beach Day, delivering mail to students, and awarding Super Table designations at meals.

What to Do with Your Free Time

With the exception of Beach Day, teachers often have a significant amount of free time during the day.  We are happy to accommodate you with internet access and office space for use, and quiet time to concentrate on grading, paperwork or other projects.  However, we strongly suggest that you take the opportunity to join your students out on trail.  Naturalists are always happy to adjust their lesson plans if you want to actively contribute and teach part of the lesson.  Even if you prefer to simply observe and hang out, students love sharing their explorations and rarely get chances to interact with you outside of the classroom.