What Cabin Leaders Have to Say

We asked a group of cabin leaders to tell us a little bit about their experience here at Outdoor School, including some helpful tips for future volunteers. 


What have you learned from being a cabin leader?

"Being alert is important!" -Phylicia, LHS

"Taking care of kids is a workout!" -Branden, LHS

"All kids are different." -Jessicka, LHS

"To always have a strategy ready!" -Christy

"How to be patient but firm with kids." -Bianca

"To expect the unexpected and learn as you go!" -Jordyn

"That kids can be a handful but they are so sweet!" -Elise

"I learned how to interact with children on a personal and authoritative level and how to remain positive in tough situations." -Sara

What has been your most memorable experience here?

"Being at the beach - it was loads of fun!" -Malik

"Singing the Scat Song!" -Branden

"Making shelters out of sticks." -Patrick

"Bonding with my kids." -Katie

"Finding two Pacific Giant salamanders!" -Audrey

"When the boys came back from their first recess with a card saying that I was the best.  (My boys!?!)" -Taylor

"The night hike!" -Elise

"My most memorable experience would be the beach day and playing games with my kids." -Sarah

  "I enjoyed this experience and would not change it for anything else!" -Maritza, Tracy High School

"Listening and talking to the kids.  I love their stories, opinions and jokes." -Andy, St. Mary's