Sending Medicine to Outdoor School

If you have any questions about medication, special needs, please DO NOT hesitate to contact our staff BEFORE your child comes to our program. We work hard to accommodate all needs, but it will bring peace of mind to you and our staff if we communicate ahead of time.

The following information applies to ALL medications-- including prescription medication, non-prescription (over-the-counter) medicine, inhalers, vitamins, etc. -- that your child needs to take while at San Joaquin Outdoor School.


A doctor's signature is required for any medications sent with your child to Outdoor School. All prescription and non-prescription (over-the-counter) medications (including vitamins and cough drops) must be noted on the "Request for Medication and Physician's Instructions," form. This form must be filled out and signed by the student’s physician or medications will not be administered. Instructions for frequency and dosage of medications must be clearly indicated by the physician.   There are no exceptions .

Packing Medications

All medications (prescription, non-prescription, and vitamins) must be in the original container with your child's name clearly marked on the container. If your child has more than one medication, please put all medications in one bag with your child's name clearly marked on the bag.  ALL medications should be given to the teachers and NOT packed with your child's luggage.  Check the expiration date on all medications. Any medication that has expired cannot be given to your child.  If you child has medicine that must be taken during transit to and from Outdoor School, give the medicine and appropriate instructions directly to your child's classroom teacher, who is in charge on the bus.

Administration of Medications at Outdoor School
Medications are kept locked in the infirmary until they are given to your child.  Medications may be administered by any member of SJOE staff.  Each administration of medications is documented by Outdoor School personnel, including the date, time, amount, and name of medication.  Inhalers, once they are recorded at the infirmary, may remain with your child if the doctor has filled out the "Request for Self-Administration Form" (see the forms page). If your child does NOT have this form, the inhaler will be carried at all times by the child’s naturalist.  Children requiring injected medications must be capable of administering their own injection. Outdoor School personnel are not allowed or trained to give injections. This includes EpiPens.

Special Conditions & Allergies

Be sure to discuss any special health or medical conditions thoroughly with your child's teacher well in advance of their trip to Outdoor School, in addition to completing the health information portion of the registration form. The teacher will alert Outdoor School personnel of all special health and medications needed. For serious health or medical conditions (especially severe food allergies) requiring special arrangements for your child, please contact SJOE BEFORE your students arrives at the site.


If you have questions about your child's medications, please talk to your classroom teacher or contact our medic at 650-747-0139.