Frequently Asked Questions for Cabin Leaders

What are the most vital items I should bring for the week?

Check out the packing list, but be sure to pack good hiking shoes, warm layers, a flashlight, an alarm clock, and rain boots and a rain jacket if you have them.

Do cabin leaders get a say in which cabin group they are placed?

No.  We try to place cabin leaders in groups where their strengths as a leader and caregiver will be the most effective.  This is determined primarily by the Evening Director, the cabin leader coordinators, and via teacher recommendations.  If you have a special case or exception, please let your cabin leader recruiter know, or tell the Evening Director upon arrival.  We intentionally separate siblings or family members that come to camp the same week to reduce homesickness amongst other students and minimize behavioral issues.

Are cabin leaders paired together?  Will I be paired with my friend?

Come prepared to lead your own cabin group, however if there are additional cabin leaders we may double you up.  We work hard to pair cabin leaders that have complementary strengths and weaknesses in order to make the most strong and effective team, but this doesn’t mean you’ll be placed with a friend.  Think of it as an opportunity to make new friends and connections!

How long is my break time?

Cabin leaders have an hour for break mid afternoon while students are at recess with their teachers, and some time to relax after dinner when your meeting with the Evening Director is complete. Cabin leading is a full time job for the week – expect to work a lot! We will do all we can to ensure you get the full time allotted to you.

When do I get to shower?

Cabin leaders can shower during their break time in the afternoons.

Can I bring my cell phone to camp?

Yes, however, be advised that we do not have any cell service on site. Cell phones can only be used as a watch, alarm clock, and camera.  Cell phones may be confiscated if used inappropriately. Students are not allowed to have cell phones during the week.

Can I make phone calls during the week?

We have one phone for all cabin leaders to share to make brief phone calls during your break time in the afternoon (approx. 3:15pm-4:15pm) and after your evening meetings with the Evening Director. We also have a pay phone you can use if you bring quarters.

Is there internet access?

Our office is wired for internet but computer use is only available to teachers and SJOE staff.  Internet access is Not Available for cabin leader use.  

How many kids will be in my group?

The number of students assigned to your group will depend on the total enrollment for the week, but usually ranges from 7-13 per cabin group.  For hikes and daily activities, your cabin group will be combined with another cabin, generally for a total of 18-22 students.  While on trail, you will be a co-leader, and will be asked to provide leadership and care for the entire group, not only your own students.

Can I bring treats for my kids?

No.  Keeping any food or candy in cabins is an invitation for raccoons and other critters to make unwanted appearances, and we guarantee the students will not need the sugar rush.  We suggest rewarding good behavior by allowing students to walk up front with the naturalist, having the first shower, or helping out with special duties during the week instead of feeding them sweets.  You are welcome to bring snacks for yourself for your break time, but those will be kept in a secure box in the office.

I have food allergies – will this be a problem at Science Camp?

Let us know before you come to camp if you have any food allergies and the kitchen staff can work to accommodate you.  If your diet is severely restricted we may recommend you bring some food supplements from home to make sure you get what you need, especially for days when you have lunch out on trail or at the beach.  Contact our county office or main office at camp with food allergy inquiries.

I take medications - do I need to bring a medication form?

Yes.  Medication forms can be found in your cabin leader packet (you can download it from the Forms page).  Your form must be filled out and signed by a doctor.  Please read the detailed "Sending Medications" page in the parent section for more information about bring medications to camp.